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Fly Tying Instructor's Resource 


Fly Tying Instructor's Resource

The purpose of the Fly Tying Instructor's Resource is to provide fly tying instructors with a free online resource for developing, preparing, and presenting quality fly tying courses for their students. This resource is a product of the Fly Tying Group's (FTG) efforts to assist individuals as well as organizations in developing fly tying classes at the local, regional, or council level.

When you use this resource, utilize the items presented as recommendations, not dictates. We have assembled, collated, and edited information that has been successful for other instructors. We fully realize the success of any instructional program depends on the instructor's personality, level of expertise, and the ability to communicate with people. Collectively, this is called a "teaching style."

Each instructor will have their own "teaching style." Our goal is to give you some tools and ideas to enhance your style. Use what you find useful to support your program. This resource includes suggestions on :

  • Designing A Class
  • The Physical Class Setting
  • Content - What topics & skills to consider, matching content to target audience, selecting what flies to use (Nelson Table)
  • Methodology - How you present the content, suggestions on recognizing and addressing different learning styles of students
  • Choosing A Target Audience - Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced level
  • Material Procurement & Care

and supplemental materials including:

  • Beginning Fly Tying
  • Catalog Resources
  • Resource People List - contact information of persons willing to offer limited assistance in your class development
  • Sample Class Setups and Formats
  • Media Recommendations - texts, AV materials, and web sites to consider

For questions and/or comments about the Instructor's Resource, contact Jim Ferguson 


How To Be a Great Demonstration Fly Tier

This project is designed to help any fly tier become a better demonstration tier and generally a better teacher.  This project is based on the experiences of many Buszek award-winning tiers, demonstration tiers at the IFFF International Fly Fishing Fairs, and workshops held at every Fly Fishing Fair since 2006.

The main webpage for this project is located here. There are about 30 associated webpages with a wealth of information.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, please email David Nelson.

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