Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sherry Steele

Sherry Steele

It is very exciting to be part of the FFF Fly Tying Group (FTG) I am looking forward to assisting the group in any way I can. Tying is a big part of my retired life and adding to it every day and learning more is a joy. Looking forward to working with everyone.

On July 25, 2010, I was elected president of the Oregon Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers http://orcfff.org/ and am the chairperson for the NW Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Expo http://www.nwflytyerexpo.com/ in Albany, Oregon, which is held the 2nd weekend in March. I currently use my organizational and computer skills developed from over 30 years in the electronics/computer industry to help the FFF Oregon Council and FFF National reach their goals. I was very pleased to received the Oregon Council 2010 Federator of the year award, The FFF National 2010 Oregon Award of Excellence and Central Oregon Flyfishers http://www.coflyfishers.org/ Special Recognition Award for encouraging fly tying & fly fishing in and beyond Central Oregon.

I live in Sisters, Oregon. I have been fly fishing and tying for 9 years and have been a demonstration tyer at many conclaves throughout the western states. I teach fly tying classes at Central Oregon clubs, Central Oregon Community College, and Sisters Middle School. I was the organizer for the Central Oregon Fly Fishers fly-tying classes for 3 years. I currently work for and teach fly-tying at the Fly-Fishers Place in Sisters, OR  http://www.flyfishersplace.com/. I just recently joined the ranks of the Pro-Team for Peak Fishing http://www.peakfishing.com/ 

In 2009 I started The Central Oregon Fly Tyers Guild, http://coflytyersguild.com/, a new FFF Charter club, which specializes in tying Classic Salmon flies whose charter is to donate the framed flies to non-profit conservation minded organizations for their fundraisers.

I am very pleased to be serving on the FFF National Board of Directors http://www.fedflyfishers.org/ , and on the FFF National Fly Tyers Group, http://www.flytyinggroup.org/  Board of Governors.

Please feel free to contact me anytime, steelefly followed by the "at" sign followed by msn.com

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