Friday, February 12, 2016


 Executive Committee

Nominations Committee

 Ad Hoc Workshops Committee
Carl Ronk, chair Mike Stewart, chair
 laison with Herb Kettler
Tom Logan, Vice chair

 Frank Johnson
Russ Forney, secretary

 Steve Jensen
Steve Jensen, Treasurer

Carl Ronk 
Dean Childs

 Dave Roberts
Al Beatty
Jim Ferguson 

BBQ Committe

Web Site Committee
David Nelson, Event Chair  Ad Hoc Invasive Spec. Committee 
 Kit Seaton, chair Steve Jensen, Registration Chair  laison with Bob Wilshire
 Chuck Collins
Jim Crislip, Raffle Chair Mike Stewart
  Dave Roberts, Raffle
 al & Gretchen Beatty
 Communications Committee Bill Nelson, Fly Exchange Chuck Collins          
 Peggy Brenner, chair
Ad Hoc Promotional Committee 
 Frank Johnson
Carl Ronk, chair 
  Evergreen Hand Committee
 Strategic Plan Committee Dean Childs, chair By-Laws Committee  
 Frank Johnson, chair Jesse Scott Dean Childs 
  David Nelson Frank Johnson 
 Membership Committee Gene Kaczmarek  
Carl Ronk, chair Steve Burkett Digital Archive Committee  
  Richard Diamond Leslie Wrixon, chair 
 International Tiers Committee Gay Jones
Scott Erickson  Ed Huff  
  Jerry Lorang   Framing Committee
Tying Definitions Committee
Cedrik Guidry Steve Jensen, chair 
 Gene Kaczmarek
 Mike Stewart
 Fly Tying Committee Awards Committee
 Al & Gretchen Beatty
 Gene Kaczmarek - Standing Chair  Jim Ferguson, chair
 Gene Barington
 Dave Roberts - Event co-Chair  Chuck Collins
 Carl Ronk
 Leslie Wrixon - Event co-Chair  Sherry Steele
 Tom Logan
 Scott Erickson - International  
 Russ Forney
 Al Ritt
 Fred DuPre'    
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