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With your entry into the show you can view the hundreds of tying demonstrations available.

Types of tying you will see are Nymph, Dry Fly, Parachutes, Streamers, Emergers, Saltwater, Terrestrials, Tube Flies and much more using traditional materials to new and innovative materials and techniques. 



Chet Allison

I have tied flies for 40 years. Fishing for trout is my favorite fly fishing. I am a Past President of the IEFFC, current board member of the WSCIFFF.  Teach kids and some adults to fly cast and tie flies. Along with tying flies I have fly fished and fly cast for 40 years.

Type of Tying: Trout


Michael Ames

Started fly fishing in Miami FL as a kindergarten student. My father started teaching me to tie fly's by 3rd grade and have now been doing both for over 50 years.  I am also a certifited casting instructor.

Type of Tying: Saltwater


Chuck Ansley

Chuck has lived in Whitehall, Willow Creek, and Three Forks Montana since 1963, fishing the Missouri, Madison, Gallatin, and Jefferson rivers. He has been tying flies for 50 years. He was Supt.of Sschools in Three Forks for 20 years.

Type of Tying: Warmwater & Trout


Tim Au Young

2005 NCCFFF Fly Tyer of the Year. 1999 - 2010 California Fly Fishers Unlimited Sacramento, CA. Fly tying programs chair 2011 to current. Kiene's Fly Shop employee, currently shipping/receiving, manager, inventory control.

Type of Tying: Soft Hackles


Gene Barrington

Life Member IFFF, FTG Board of Governors, Tying for +/- 50 years, Teaching tiers for +/- 30 years, Past president Southeastern Council, Board of Directors Southeastern Council, Past president Atlanta Fly Fishing Club, Fly Tying program lead for Project Healing Waters Atlanta, will tie or fly fish for food.

Type of Tying: Nymph, Warmwater, Saltwater & Trout


Al & Gretchen Beatty

Gretchen and Al Beatty are longtime Federators from Boise, Idaho who enjoy eachothers company at the vise, on the water, behind the camera or at the keyboard.

Type of Tying: Trout


Danny Beatty

I've been teaching fly tying for over 40 years. Life membe of the IFFF, member of the Fly Tying Group, and past president of IFFF

Type of Tying: none given


Paul Beckmann

Paul has tied flies for over 50 years and is the current Fly Tying Chair of the Upper Midwest Council. He has taught at outreach events as well as at local fly shops. He especially likes to explore the characteristics of materials and their interactions with the watery environment and with light.

Type of Tying: Nymph


Ed Berg

I have been tying and designing flies for 40 years.  I have demonstrated tying in 11 states and 6 European countries.

Type of Tying: Trout


Bill Blackstone

Buszek winner, IFFF legend and Realistic fly Tier.

Type of Tying: Realistic Flies


Don Bowen

Fly fishing and tying in Oregon for about 40 years. Retired (semi anyway) engineer. My wife and I live in Vernonia Oregon.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon & Steelhead


Keith Burkhart

Co-founder of the NW Fly Tyers Expo, 2012 ORC IFFF Fly Tyer of the Year. Specialize in searun cuthroat and pacific salmon flies. Former president of the OR council of the IFFF, National IFFF secretary

Type of Tying: Trout & Searun Cuthroat - Pacific Salmon


Jeff "J. C." Childress

I have been fly fishing and tying for 30 years. My home wates are the southfork of the Snake river. I love fishing small streams and using soft hackle flies.

Type of Tying: Trout, Soft Hackles & Old Irish Patterns


Ellen Kay Clark
I have been a fly fishing fool for over 30 years. Living in Wyoming in the Wind River basin has been a dream come true. When I'm not fly fishing, I'm generally out somewhere on a horse.

Type of Tying: Nymph & Trout

Chuck Collins

Tier for 50+ years. Tied at several IFFF events. Ublished flies in several books. 2001 Western Rocky Mountain Council Flytier of the Year. Owned All Seasons Angler Fly Shop in Pocatello, ID for 15 years. Member of the IFFF Fly Tying Group BOG. Flytyer Magazine 5th place flytying contest winner.

Type of Tying: Nymph, Trout & Potts

Todd Collins

Todd has over 25 years experience tying and fishing the George Grant Patterns. Considered George's protige, Collins spent severl years closely watching Mr. Grant tie his creations. Life IFFF member and founding board member and past president of the Big Hole River Foundation.

Type of Tying: George Grant Patterns

Jim Crislip
Fly Tier for over 40 years.  Since I retired from teaching school in 2009 I have become very involved with the IFFF and I am on the NW Expo Committee, Museum Committee and the IFFF Tying Board of Governors.

Type of Tying: Tube Flies & Streamers

Aaron Culley

Aaron Culley is a lifetime Northwest resident and became a serious fly angler and fly tier 24 years ago. Aaron owns a fly fishing guiding business in Washington State and is a CCI which serves his customers and friends well. Aaron has been dressing Classic Atlantic Salmon flies for 20 years and enjoys the challenge of obtaining the materials and the precise construction methods necessary to result in the beauty of those flies.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon


Norman Domagala

I live in Alpine, OR a small town in the foothills of the coast range of western Oregon. I have been tying flies and fishing in the northwest since 1972. I am a member of the Whiting Pro Team and a fly designer for Montana Fly Co. I am the owner of a custom fly and fly tying supply company, Alpine Fly's & Photos.

Type of Tying: Nymph, Streamer, Trout, Steelhead & Salmon Flies


Robert Eagleson

Serious fly fisher and fly tier for 35 years. Fish for cutthroat, rainbows - bulls. In Alberta B.C. and Montana.

Type of Tying: Nymph & Trout

Oscar Feliu
Born in CHILE, migrated to US in 1969, became a US citizen 1979… Made his home in Michigan where he originated many fly patterns feature in numerous Books and many US, Canadian and Italian fly fishing magazines …Internationally has demonstrated his patterns throughout USA, Canada, Italy & England. Oscar has 4 DVD’s that are distribute in Europe as well as USA. 40 years member of IFFF, in all have presented programs for the IFFF Regional & International Expositions for at least 35 years.

Type of Tying: Trout


James Ferguson

Nelson Fly Tying Instructor Award recipient, Oregon 2006 Fly Tyer of the Year, North West Atlantic Salmon Fly Tying Guild member, IFFF and FTG Live member, member of the Board of Governors for the Fly Tying Group.  Retired physical science teacher refocused on tying fishing flies and teaching others to enjoy the passion.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon, Trout and Steelhead


Steven Fernandez
Steven Fernandez has been tying flies for over 40 years, and started tying professionally at the age of 13 for local shops. He has taught and demonstrated since he was 16, and enjoys tying all types of flies, particularly catskill flies and artistic salmon flies. He is the 2012 recipient of the Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award. He is Fly Tying Co-Director of the SWCFFF, and is an architect and artist 

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon, Nymph & Streamer

James Flaherty

Started tying in the late 60's. Became a student of Todd Collins and have been tying George Grant flies for the past 8 years.

Type of Tying: George Grant Flies


Russ Forney

Russ lives in north eastern Wyoming and ties flies for trout from the Black Hills to Yellowstone. Russ is an avid angler, freelance writer, and photographer.

Type of Tying: Trout


Morris Fruitman

I began tying at the turn of the century and began instructing at all levels ever since.  Recent highlights include working with veterans and gaining skills in tying classics.  I prefer to tie new and innovative styles.

Type of Tying: Atlantic salmon, Streamer, Innovative Styles

Phil Geneix

I was born in Paris the 7 July 1963 and caught my very first trout when I was 5 years old. I fished for trout during many years but not with flies. I started fly fishing in 2001 and have learned fly-tying and casting in a French club. I tie flies for catching some fish, not for catching fishermen! And I share without problem! I worked as a music teacher and conduct a percussion orchestra for 25 years. I love to travel for fly fishing (Croatia in 2010, Serbia in 2011, Norway 2013) and it’s very exciting for me to tie original flies in public. My fly-tying style is most of the time an expression of ephemera stages. I look for removing the hackle in its right place, place that it lost with the cdc dictatorship. I use orthodontic rubbers to tie that kind of flies.  I’m the creator of the elastic flies.

Type of Tying: Elastic Flies


Will Godfrey

Charter associate member of the IFFF. Federator of the year, president's award, IFFF fly casting champion.  Lew Jewett Memorial Award, Former Idaho fish and game commissioner, 13 years director and VP IFFF, and Former marine fishery commissioner.

Type of Tying: Steelhead


Bill Heckel


Jim Higgins
I have been tying for more than 50 yearsand have been fortunate to use them across 4 continents.

Type of Tying: Trout & Emergers


Henry Hoffman

Henry has been tying flies for 60 years and won the 2008 Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying award. He also has been raising fly tying hackle since 1955.

Type of Tying: Trout

Hugh Huntley

84 years young and have been fly fishing for 75+ years.  Fished in Asia, Alaska and Mexico.  Love tying and catching trout on flies.  Tie #14 Parachute Adams, #16 Black Caddis. Have lived in Montana for 32 years.

Type of Tying: Trout


Bob Jacklin

This year marks Bob's 45th year as a fly fishing guide and fly casting instructor in the West Yellowstone area.  He is an IFFF Charter member with continued membership starting in July 1967.  he is a world class fly fisherman, fly tier, and fly casting instructor.  He holds a Master Certification and sits on the IFFF Casting Board of Governors.  In the year 2004 Bob was inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame.

Type of Tying: Nymph, Streamer & Trout


Steve Jensen

I am a life member, Chair of the Legends of Fly Tying fly plate project, and a Board member of the IFFF’s Fly Tying Group.  I have been building fly plates as fund raisers for the IFFF for over 17 years during which over $150,000 in fly plate sales have benefited the Federation.

Type of Tying: Warmwater & Saltwater


Stephen Johnson

Stephen has been fly fishing and tying flies thirty years. For the last ten or fifteen years he has developed a preference for small stream fishing. Fishing small streams takes him back to a time when fishing was about fishing, not about the latest fly, line taper, rod action or destination.

Type of Tying: Streamer, Saltwater & Trout


Frank Johnson

Recreational and commercial tier for over 50 years. Recipient of the Buz Buszek memorial Fly Tying Award, recipient of the Dick Nelson Fly Tying Teaching Award, member of the IFFF Fly Tying Group. I very much enjoy sharing my fly tying experience with others.

Type of Tying: Trout


Jim Johnson

Over 40 years of fly tying, now

Type of Tying: Trout, Dry Flies, Hair Winged, & Standard, & Nymphs


Jack Jonathan

Have been fly fishing for over 15 years, tying for about 12.

Type of Tying: Trout


Dan Kellogg

I am a member of the Rogue Fly Fishers in Medford, Oregon where I demo tie before meetings and teach tying classes. I am also a member of the Southern Oregon Fly Tyers and the senior staff Fly Dressers Guild.

Type of Tying: Trout and Wet Fly


Robert Kern
I have been tying for nearly 35 years and tie fishing flies. My flies of choice are Catskill style drys and wets and also North Country soft hackles. I also enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge with others and have tied at the Southeastern Festival.

Type of Tying: Trout

Naif Samuel Khoury

Retired attorney teaching tenkara to women, children, other burned out attorneys and veterans.

Type of Tying: Tenkara Indicator Nymphing using Dry Fly Indicator & Flymphs


Michael Lack

I began fly fishing in the 70"s when my father gave me a bamboo fly rod he won in a contest. I seriously started fly tying in 1990. I have been tying and fly fishing ever since.

Type of Tying: Warmwater


Dave Londeree

Member of the North Idaho Fly Casters Club, treasurer of the IFFF Western Rocky Mountain Council. Youth fly tying instructor for NIFC. Mainly fish for trout and steelhead.

Type of Tying: Trout


Wayne Luallen

Wayne has demonstrated fly tying techniques at numerous local, regional, national, and international events since the mid-1970's and has been published in several magazines and books in the U.S. as well as Europe. He was honored with the Federation of Fly Fishers Wayne Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award in 1991. Wayne is especially fond of teaching the details of fly tying.

Type of Tying: Trout


Patty Lueken

For Patty, tying is almost as juch fun as fishing. She earned the 2009 Arkansas Fly Fishers Tly Tier of the year. Patty has tied at multiple IFFF events and Sowbug, teaching tying to youth and adults.

Type of Tying: Warmwater


Kuni Masuda

36 years or fly fishing and fly tying experience.  Is a member of the World Fly Fishing team of Japan, IFFF, WFFJ and Clark Skamania Flyfishers of Vancouver, WA. He has been invited to tie his flies at the Northwest Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo, Pacific Northwest Fly Tyers Rendezvous, IFFF Washington Fly Fishing Fair, and the IFFF International Fly Fishing Fair.

Type of Tying: Nymph, Trout & Japanese Shimazaki Hollow Body flies

Walter McLendon
I have been tying and teaching tying for about 20 years, mostly trout flies to fish for warm water species in Texas. I love tying soft hackle flies, hairwing Salmon flies and the beautiful flies of the 1800's.

Type of Tying: Trout


FE Meek

I have fly fished, (and tied flies), for more than a half century and I have been a licensed Colorado outfitter since 1973. I have taught these skills in both my own businesses as well as in college courses, the fly tying curriculum of which is noted in my 1985 DVD, "Basic Fly Tying." I also produced the PBS series, "The Master Angler, Fly Fishing with Ernest Schwiebert," in the late 1980's.

Type of Tying: Trout


Richard Mercer

Rich has been fly fishing and fly tying for over 40 years.  His specialties include "entry-level" flies for new fly tiers featuring natural materials and he demonstrates successful flies for the Interior Lakes of British Columbia, Canada where he spends considerable time fishing.

Type of Tying: Nymph, Streamer & Trout


Ed Morphis

Fly tier for 30+ years. Demo tier in Oregon, California, and Montana. Beginning fly tying teacher for 8 years+. Specialty is dry flies for trout.

Type of Tying: Trout


Dick Nicklas

Dick is a versitile tier who ties everything from midges to tarpon flies as dictated by the needs of his next fishing trip, whether it be Alaska, the Caribbean, Russia, or near home in Washington.

Type of Tying: Saltwater & Trout


Naomi Okamoto

Fly Tying has long been a favorite interest for me. Teaching and demonstrating at various venues allows me to meet wonderful people that share the love and art of our sport! The IFFF event is the best and I always look forward to participating in both teaching and tying.

Type of Tying: Trout


Richard Pilatzke

I was born in Montreal, Canada, raised in upstate New York and have lived in Colorado for 33 years.  I have been tying flies for over 35 years.  I specialize I flies for lakes in the Rocky Mountain region.

Type of Tying: Nymph, Warmwater & Trout


Roy D. Powell

I live in Burney, CA where I fish every day! (Lucky Me!) I'm considered a pro/innovator fly tier with over 2 decades of fly tying. I'm on the Daiichi Pro Staff and a contract tier for Solitude Flies. My claim to fame is I have won 27 fly tying contests in Frank Amato's Flyfishing and Tying Jounal "Pattent Patterns".

Type of Tying: Nymph & Trout


Ron Reinebach

Dave Hughes taught me to tie in 1981. Operated a fly shop on the Oregon coast 1990-2005. Am now satisfied to be a fly tier, teacher, raconteur, entrepreneur, and all-around swell guy.

Type of Tying: Flies from 1450


Dandy Reiner

Dandy is the owner of Hatchfinders Fly Shop in Livingston. She has been tying professionally for the past 9 years. Her and her father tie every fly in their shop.

Type of Tying: Trout


David Roberts

I have been tying for 60+ years now, and learning more every day. I earned Fly Tier of the Year for the Oregon Council. I am a life member of the IFFF and the Fly Tying Group, on the board of directors of the Oregon Council and board of governor on the Fly Tying Group.  I am the owner of "The Fly Tyer Den" tying school in Oregon.

Type of Tying: Trout & Steelhead


Carl Ronk

Karen Royer

Pro Staff: Wasatch, Rite Bobbins. Clubs and Affiliations:  Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishers, Trout Unlimited, Clean Angling Coalition, WA FFF.  Volunteer: Casting for Recovery, Project Healing Waters, Youth Conservation Camp.  Employment:  Cabela’s. Tying Technique: Fishable Realistic with natural material.

Type of Tying: Fishable Realistic


Scott Sanchez

Buz Busek winner.  Fly tying columnist for American Angler.  Author of Introduction to Saltwater Tying, A New Generation of Trout flies and The Never Ending Stream.  Material omnivour and sniffer of tying glues.

Type of Tying: Nymph, Streamer, Warmwater, Saltwater & Trout


Chuck Scott

I have been tying for 25 years and tie in 15 shows per year.  Life member of the IFFF, pro staff for Nor-Vice, Jay-Fair, and Daiichi Fly Hooks.

Type of Tying: Nymph, Streamer & Trout

Kit Seaton
I am a fifth generation Montanan and I have been fishing since I can remember. I am from Billings where I am an active member of the Magic City Fly fishers. For my local club I have taught beginning, intermediate and advanced classes, preformed demonstration tying events, served as the Information Officer and Tying Coordinator, published the newsletter, and I created and maintained the website. For the International Federation of Fly Fishers I currently sit on the Board of Governors of the Fly Tying Group where I have served as the Nominating Committee chair, Website Chair and Fly of the Month Editor.

Type of Tying:

Dominic Singh

I am 13 years old, and have been tying flies for 5 years. I am very interested in the outdoors and learning all I can about nature and fly fishing.

Type of Tying: Warmwater & Saltwater

Sherry Steele
Sherry Steele lives in Sisters, Oregon. She is president of the Oregon Council International Federation of Fly Fishers and is on the IFFF Board of Directors. Chairperson for the NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo in Albany, Oregon. She received the Oregon Council 2010 Federator of the year award, The FFF National 2010 Oregon Award of Excellence. Sherry Teaches fly tying and is demonstration tyer at shows throughout the west.

Type of Tying: Warmwater & Saltwater

Ron Steinberg

I have tied flies for more than fifty years. For the past fifteen years I have concentrated on reverse tied extended body mayflies.

Type of Tying: Trout & Revers Tied, Extended Body Mayflies

Mike Stewart
I am a freshwater and saltwater fly fisher and tyer.  Since 1982,  I have been tying and fishing flies.  Most of my fishing has been in New England, New York, and Florida with outings to the Rocky Mountain states, New Brunswick - Canada, and Chile.  I am a demo fly tyer for The Fly Fishing Shows and various shows in New England & New York.

Type of Tying: Trout


Mike Telford

I enjoy tying flies for anything that swims and enjoy using new matierials or techniques in an attempt to gain an edge on wiley fish. My work can be seen in several books including Trout Flies of the West, The Federations Fly Pattern Encyclopedia, Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon II, Patent Patterns, and Innovative Flies and Techniques.

Type of Tying: Trout

Mike Walling

I was raised on the Henry Fork of the Snake River and started fishing very young. Fly tying came much later.  I fish and tie as much as I can.

Type of Tying: Trout

David Whitcher

Learned fly fishing and tying in Colorado in 1972 - currently live in Washington state and am a member in good standing with the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild.

Type of Tying: 


David Paul WilliamsDavid Paul Williams is the author "Fly Fishing For Western Smallmouth" and is a freelance outdoor magazine writer. He's been labeled "the acknowledged master of smallies on the fly."He's been catching bronzebacks for over 40 years and loves to share his knowledge with others.

Type of Tying: Trout


Ron Winn

Type of Tying: Warmwater & Saltwater

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