Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Join us in the exhibit hall August 4-6 at the Youth Activity Center – tie your first fly, cast, paint a fish picture, and more! There will also be casting and fly tying lessons, as well as other fun things for the kids to learn.

 Youth Camp 2016

Do you know any youth that are interested in learning about fly fishing?  If you do, then plan on signing them up for the annual International Fly Fishing Fair Youth Camp.  We are excited to be in Livingston, MT and look forward to having the opportunity to teach youth about fly fishing!

More information will be coming soon!

Mike Clancy, Co-Chairman: Mike grew up in the Seattle area and fished as a youth with bait for many years.  As time moved on and he completed his working years, he retired in 2000 and learned about fly fishing.  He joined the Puget Sound Fly Fishers, with Bob Shirley and Larry Gibbs as his mentors, both active members of the IFFF and WSCIFFF.  It wasn’t long before he became active with PSFF and the WSCIFFF, committing to various officer responsibilities.  Mike joined PSFF in 2001 and the IFFF in 2003 as a Life Member.  He has served as an officer with the WSCIFFF since 2003, and presently, is the Government Affairs Chairman.  Five years ago Mike became a Co-Director of The NW Youth Conservation & Fly Fishing Academy in Lacey, WA.  Along with another individual, he took on the responsibility of continuing the Academy, after the founder retired.  The Academy is for boys and girls 12-15 years old, conducted for one week, usually the last week of June.  Mike is proud to be part of the Youth Program at the IFFF event in Bend, OR.  The future of our IFFF organization is in the future of our youth.  


Please direct your inquiries to the Fair Coordinator. 


Telephone:  406-333-9369

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