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Photo by Ken Tidy

2015 IFFF Women's Fly Fishing University

The Women's Two-Day Fly Fishing University will be held on Tuesday, August 11th and Wednesday, August 12th in Bend, Oregon. All skill levels are welcome--whether you are brand new to the sport or have been fishing for a while. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

The instructors are experienced fly fishers from the local area, including Certified Casting Instructors and professional guides. This is a vast pool of accomplished instructors who will help take you to the next level in your fly fishing journey.

The University will take advantage of the great fly fishing around Bend. Instruction will be a combination of technical training and hands-on fishing instruction on the water. We will experience fly fishing walking and wading in a river and from a boat on a lake (boat rental is included). Instructors will cover a wide range of topics including different casting techniques and styles (basic through advanced); dry fly, nymph and streamer fishing; reading the water; selecting flies for the fishing situation; understanding rod weights and line types for different types of water; and rigging and knots. While fishing you’ll get real-time coaching by an experienced instructor. 

Tuition for the 2015 IFFF Women's Fly Fishing University is $225 for members and $270 for nonmembers and is limited to 18 women. An Oregon fishing license is required and can be purchased locally.

Prerequisites: If possible, anglers should provide their own fishing gear (some loaner equipment may be available). This includes 4wt to 6wt rods, reel, line(s), waders, boots, leader, tippet, flies, hats, sunglasses, suntan lotion. Be prepared for sun or rain. We will provide a “hot files” list for you to tie or purchase at the local fly shops.

- Day 1: For the river, a 4wt or 5wt, with a floating line, a 4X or 5X x 9 ft. leader with extra tippet spools down to 5X. Additionally, an extra 4X-0X x 7.5 ft. leader for lawn casting.

- Day 2: We will fish both dry fly (floating line) and nymphs (sinking line). While not required, it is preferable to have two rods, one with a floating line, and a second 5wt or 6wt with an intermediate sinking line, a 4X leader and the same tippet spools down to 5X. (a single rod with multiple reels or spools with these lines is OK, too.)

Students will be given a ‘Waiver of Liability’ (release) form in their registration packet. They will be asked to turn in the completed form at the time you are welcomed to the event.

We will provide sack lunches, snacks, water and beverages.

For travel to and from our fishing locations we would ask that those who have cars be willing to use them and we can car pool as necessary. Our fishing destinations are within an hour of Bend.


Please direct your questions to the Fair Coordinator. 

E-mail:  fair@fedflyfishers.org

Telephone:  406-222-9369

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