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by Gene Kaczmarek, Co-Chair


Congratulations to Scott Sanchez this year’s winner of the first IRON FLY CONTEST!

The road to winning this fun and unique event contest was a tough one. With Roy D. Powell moving on from Thursday’s preliminary and on Friday it was Frank Johnson. The Saturday contest had two preliminary rounds with Dominic Singh and Scott Sanchez moving on to the final round.

The audience was encouraged to move up and watch from up close. Speaking of up close they were encouraged to ask questions and try to break the concentration of the tiers.

The daily preliminary’s had a different bag of material which had to be used to design a fly. They had only 10 minutes in which to complete a fly. When the time is up the hands must be raised away from the fly. All the materials in the bag must be used and visible on the fly. The material was different each day just to make it interesting.

Thanks to all the judges who had a very difficult time as all the flies were just fantastic!  Below are the tiers who participated in this year’s 2014 IRON FLY CONTEST.



A great time was had by all – contestants, judges and interactive audience members!

Congratulations Scott!


The Iron Fly is a live fly tying contest.

This is a really fun time for all show attendees to watch. But for those brave enough to tie, the fun will begin when the clock starts. The daily contestants will have a different box of material in which to design a fly. There will be a 10 minute time limit in which to complete the fly. When the time is up the hands must be raised away from the fly.

The tier must use each of the materials in the material box. We will change the material each day just to make it interesting. A 3 person judging panel will be chosen each day and members of the FTG BOG will judge the final round.

The tie off is held on Saturday afternoon. This will pit each day’s winner with a different box of materials to determine the 2014 Fly Fishing Fair Iron Fly winner.

Rules for the IRON FLY:

  1. Time will be limited to 10 minutes.
  2. The contest starts at noon each day.
  3. Three (or more) tiers per day will compete.
  4. The daily winners will compete in the tie off finally on Saturday afternoon.
  5. Each tier will design their own fly.
  6. They must use each of the materials supplied in their designed fly. 
  7. The FTG will supply the material each day.
  8. Materials will change daily.
  9. Three Judges will be chosen daily by the FTG to judge the contest.
If you think you can handle the pressure (HA HA) bring your cheering section and sign up for the 2015 2nd Annual Iron Fly in Bend Oregon to test your design skills.


Please direct your questions to the Fair Coordinator.


Telephone:  406-222-9369

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