Sunday, February 14, 2016

Exhibit hall open 9am - 5pm, August 4- 6

Park High School, Livingston, Montana

See the schedule of events and locations spring 2016



Activities – Learn about all the activities going on at the Fair

  • Auction and Raffles: every year we have a great selection of fishing and non-fishing items in our silent auctions and raffles going on Thursday-Saturday, and the live auction Friday Night. Go to this page to learn more!
  • Book Signing: Come see your favorite fly fishing author and have your book signed.
  • Casting: Workshops, Demonstrations, Rendezvous, and games all about casting. Go to this page to view the different casting activities going on.
  • Conservation: Conservation is a big part of why we exist as an organization, stop by the IFFF Conservation Booth to get information about what we are doing in conservation activities across the country.
  • Fly Tying Demonstrations: Two shifts at each table every day for three days…that is how many demonstrations will take place, that’s right, over 120 demonstrations!
  • Free Programs: Free with your entry to the Fair, come and see unique hourly presentations that include fly fishing destinations, conservation topics, to fishing specific types of water, and flies to use.
  • Meals and Special Events: From the Tuesday free reception to our closing barbeque there are several opportunities to join us for food and fun!
  • Youth Activities: Educating our youth about fly fishing instills a fun, family oriented activity to enjoy for years to come. Check the schedules for youth activities.
  • Women’s Program: This is for women only, a one and a half to two day experience you won't forget!

Biographies – There are so many people who give of their time to teach and demonstrate! Here you can find information about Casting Demonstrators, Demonstration Tiers, Program presenters, and Workshop instructors in their biographies.

Committee – All year these committees have been working to put on the best Fair ever! See who works behind the scenes to give you the best fly fishing experience of a lifetime!

Daily Schedule – This is the schedule for the week. It gives the dates, times, and locations of the events going on for the week from our annual meetings, to demonstrations, programs, exhibit hall hours and the evening events.

Exhibitors – If you are interested in exhibiting or just checking out our exhibitors go to this page. As exhibitors are assigned we will post who will be there.

Local area information – Most of you come to the Fair not only for the fly fishing learning experience, though we know that is the main reason but also for the location, location, location! The local area information pages will give you an overview of what is going on locally, where there is great fishing, area shops and guides as well as maps to help you get around.

Photo Contest – This is an attraction we have annually, it is a fun contest for anyone to participate with prizes for the winners. There is an on-site vote for the people’s choice as well. A digital category has been added, go to this page to see how to submit your photos!

Sponsors – Check out the sponsor page so you know who to thank for helping us to put on a successful Fair.

Volunteers – Hundreds - yes, HUNDREDS of volunteers take time out of their week, or day to help where needed at the Fair. If you are interested in volunteering click here to sign up!!

Workshops – What can we say about workshops, well nothing short of fantastic, superb, excellent, and we could go on….but why when you can go to the workshop page and see for yourself. Workshops are for ANYONE who wants to learn anything and everything about fly fishing. Pick from the many workshops at your experience level and you will come away learning something new. Workshops take a limited number of students so you get great individual attention too.

Dates for the 2016 International Fly Fishing Fair are August 2-6, in Livingston Montana. If you plan to attend, start thinking about it now. Livingston is a prime location for fishing and you won't want to miss it! 


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