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The Upper Midwest Council was formed in March of 2012.  The former Great Rivers Council had been inactive for several years and also comprised a huge multi state area.   Phil Greenlee, the CEO of the Federation of Fly Fishers, facilitated the creation of the Upper Midwest Council from the Great Rivers Council with a new board of directors and pared down geographic area to include the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois.  The Upper Midwest Council joins the other FFF councils around the country to support and enhance the local charter and affiliate clubs.   



Arrowhead Fly Fishers   Duluth, Minnesota

Lew Jewett Fly Fishing Club   St. Paul, Minnesota


Badger Fly Fishers   Madison, Wisconsin

Classic Anglers of Wisconsin   Green Bay, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Lake and Stream Fly Fishers   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Northern Illinois

Chicago Fly Fishers   Chicago, Illinois

DuPage River Fly Tyers   Chicago, Illinois

Northern Illinois Fly Tyers   Chicago, Illinois

Additional clubs added as further infomation about clubs received.

Board of Directors

President  -  Todd Heggestad                            Vice President  -   Frank Harford                          


Secretary   - Donna Smith                                 Treasurer  - Dan Boggs                                


Casting   - Scott Kessler                                    Membership  -  Mike Carpenter                                    


Conservation  - Brad Eaton                               Fly Tying -  Paul Beckman                              


Lew Jewett Club Representative - Lyth Hartz


Arrowhead Fly Fishers Club Representative -  Larry Zelenz


Advisor John Breslin -                  Advisor Dave Barron -                                                 


Stay tuned.  

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