Sunday, April 20, 2014



                                     Need a Speaker for your Club?

The Texas Council is compiling a list of speakers that come recommended, and may come to your club. Please provide additional names we can all use. It is the responsibility of the club to reach out to the potential speaker, and arrange the event. Please remember that these speakers appreciate being compensated, as they are coming on their own time, and take on additional expenses to do so. Also recommend that the club books trips with the speaker / guide, as they look to get rewards / bookings for their time.


Kevin Hutchison                           Fly Fishing in the Hill Country                           

Chris Johnson                              Fly Fishing Brushy Creek and Guadalupe River   

Sean Polk                                    Fly Fishing the Paluxy River                             

Steve Hollensed                           Fly Fishing Lake Texoma & Lake Murray            

Rob Woodruff                              Entomolgy, Fly Fishing Lake Fork & Broken Bow 

Russell Husted                             Fly Fishing Southern Colorado & North Texas Rivers

Joe Cornwall                                Bass and Carp Fishing                                     

Fishy Fullum                                Fly Tying Legend & Bass Fishing                       

Shannon Drawe                           Carp Fishing on Lake Ray Roberts                     

Larry Babin                                 Fly Fishing Trout on White & Norfork Rivers        

Van Beacham                              Colorado & New Mexico Trout Guide                  

Steve Dally                                  Fly Fishing for Trout on White & Norfork Rivers          

Ben Levins                                  Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass Crooked Creek       

Dan Cone                                    Fly Fishing the Hill Country & Colorado              

Bryan Nims                                  Fly Fishing North Tx Lakes                               

Les Jackson                                 Fly Fishing Local Creeks                                   

Jerry Hamon                                Fly Fishing Urban Lakes                                   

Shannon Drawe                            Carp Fishing N. Texas Lakes                              

Doc Thompson                              Troutfishing in New Mexico                                                                 



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