Thursday, February 11, 2016

Exciting NEWS!!


On April 16, 2013, the Texas Council added a NEW Charter Club. The New Braunfels Fly Fishers. This new club being led by Dan Cowan, is going to do great things and grow at an amazing rate. We are extremely excited to have them on board. Please join me in welcoming the New Braunfels Fly Fishers!!

On November 26, 2012, the International Federation of Fly Fishers approved the creation of a new Texas Council. Because you are a current or past member in the state of Texas we are sending you this letter. You may belong to an Affiliate club or a Charter club, or no club at all. Regardless of your affiliation the Council directs all activities in a specific geographic region. It's a very important part of the Federation structure.

Texas is rich with fishing opportunities and potential conservation projects. The state offers both cold and warm water species as well as saltwater opportunities. We believe these attributes and the geographic expanse of Texas are conducive to starting a new council and provide an opportunity to grow the IFFF membership. Texas is currently split between two councils. Texas members either belong to the Southern Council or the Gulf Coast Council. We believe the state of Texas would benefit from a more centralized leadership.

The change to a Texas Council will allow members to have an organizational structure that bests serves their state. Jim Schramm, IFFF legal counsel, is drafting the Texas by-laws, standard operating procedures and the process for selection of offices of the Texas Board of Directors.

Please voice your opinion or volunteer for Council duties. E-mail your comments, suggestions or questions to Rhonda Sellers at . She may also be reached by calling 406-222-9369 X101.

If you would like to volunteer for any role, work as a member of the Board of Directors, or just be involved in something great, please contact Ralph Simmans at or by calling 817-798-0061.


President IFFF

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