Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Texas Council is now in the process of electing the NEW Board of Directors. The process has been a work in progress for some time. Volunteers were asked for, and many expressed thier desire to serve. After placing the volunteers into key temporary positions, communication was sent out to see if any Texas Council members would want to run against any of the possible temporary BOD's, and from this process, the ballot for the NEW Texas Council is presented. Please either vote for the ballot or against the ballot. If the ballot does not pass by a majority, the election will be had again, and Texas Council members will be able to vote for or against each individual on the ballot. The votes will be collected and the NEW BOD's will be announced soon. If you wish to comment or have concerns, please contact Ralph Simmans at, or Rhonda Sellers at
Please reply to this email with your approval or dispapproval of the entire ballot.
Ballots will be received until 6/30/2013
A formal announcement will be sent out in early July
Thank you, Texas Council
Below is the ballot for the NEW BOD's for the Texas Council
President  Russell Husted
Vice President & Education Jerry Hamon
Asst Education  Shawn Riggs
Secretary  Jack Janco
Treasurer  Debbie Fox
Asst Treasurer  George Board
Conservation Zach Thomas
Asst Conservation  Kevin Hutchison
Regional Development  Ted Warren
Communications  Ralph Simmans
Memberships  Bob Shirley
Outreach  Case Critchlow
At Large Jim Bass
The terms of the BOD's will initially be for two or three years, as the new council does not wish to completely turn the entire BOD's after two years. Debbie Fox's term will end on 1/1/14. The other BOD's terms will either end 1/1/15 or 1/1/16. They may wish to serve longer if they desire upon being elected.
The following individuals were appointed by the temporary Executive Committee, and will serve for two years. They may wish to serve longer, and may do so. These positions will continue to be filled by the Executive Committee.
They are:
Steve Hollensed  Casting Director
John Maddux  Tying Driector
Shannon Drawe  North Regional Director
Mike Hawkins East Regional Director
Rey Ramirez  South Director
Chris Johnson Central Director
Mark Walker  West Regional Director
Sharon Leissner Asst Communications
Sr Advisor  Rick Pope
Thank you again for supporting the Texas Council!!
Many great events are being planned for this and years to come.
Please keep up with us on our new website!!

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