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Texas Council of the IFFF 

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Exciting News - Texas Council is Official!!

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Educating, Conserving, and Fly Fishing the Waters in the  Great State of Texas!!

Texas is rich with fishing opportunities and potential conservation projects. The state offers both cold and warm water species as well as saltwater opportunities. We believed these attributes and the geographic expanse of Texas are conducive to starting a new council and provide an opportunity to grow the IFFF membership. Texas was split between two councils. Texas members either belong to the Southern Council or the Gulf Coast Council. We believed the state of Texas benefits from a more centralized leadership. 

The final step in this process is now complete.  All organizational documents have been approved and filed and on January 21, the Executive Committee acting on behalf of the Board of Directors of the IFFF approved a temporary Board to begin operations of the Council.  You will hear further information from the Acting President Russell Husted.  

In the meantime if you would like to volunteer for any role, work as a member of the Board of Directors, or just be involved in something great, please contact Ralph Simmans at or by calling 817-798-0061.


President IFFF


Elections to be Held


On the 4th of December, a letter was sent out that informed all Texas IFFF members about the New Texas Council. We have been pleased with such a great response. Many have volunteered and expressed a desire to help. Below is a list of individuals who have expressed a desire to hold a specific position. It is difficult to match up volunteers with the positions that are needed for a council. We are nearing the time to finalize the board, and have an election. If you would like to run for one of the positions listed , please reply to Rhonda Sellers or Ralph Simmans.

Your name will be placed on the ballot, and elections will be held. Our Board of Directors will be very active, and we will be seeking individuals that will work hard, willing to do things differently, and want to see great things happen in Texas.

Positions include President, Vice President / Education, Secretary, Outreach, Development, Conservation, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, Membership, Communication, At Large

Board members will assume these responsibilities. They will be required to:

1.  Serve two years.

2.  Be willing to travel to locations within the state. 

3.  Participate in a monthly conference call.

4.  Participate on a special committee.

5.  Be proactive in growing Federation.

6.  Sell memberships by promoting the mission statement of Educating, Conserving, and Restoring Fly Fishing the waters in the Great State of Texas.

7.  Bring an attitude of change.

Please join us in bringing about a positive change for the International Federation of Fly Fishers in the Great State of Texas.


Update from the Council President 

Federation members, just want to update all of you on the New Texas Council. A temporary Board of Directors is in place, and will be functioning until the newly elected officials take their new positions. A letter will be sent out to all Texas Council members, petitioning thier opportunity to be on the ballot for all elected positions. This will take place in March, after the first annual BOD's meeting that will be held in Athens , Texas. This meeting will be held after the BOD's volunteers at the Big Fly Fish texas event that is held annually at the Texas Fresh Water Fisheries Center. This is an amazing event that is held at the Fisheries Center each year. Promoting fly fishing and working hand in hand with Texas Parks and Wildlife. There will be Federation fly tiers, casting instructions, presentations, and one on one coaching with visitors from all age groups. After volunteering at the event, the new BOD's will have a weekend of leadership activities, getting to know each other, explaining our roles, and planning the initial strategy for the year ahead. Leadership trainings will be presented to the group, with the most important session being led by Bob Shirley on how to grow memberships in your club, region, and state. Other sessions will be based on effective communication, planning events that support the mission, and how to become a better volunteer. Check out the events at Fly Fish Texas here:

One of the goals of the new council, will be to grow partnerships with the many organizations that are supporters of fly fishing. Texas Parks and Wildlife is very excited about our new council, and our goal will be to increase our role in educating fly fishers in the State of Texas. One way we will do that, is through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Angler Education Program. This program certifies individuals to become leaders who will host events educating the youth in Texas about fly fishing. Events are held throughout the state, and it is at these events that the youth will hear about the Texas Council and how they can get more involved in fly fishing in Texas. Many of our temporary leaders in the council are currently certified Angler Education leaders, and more are being certified. This past weekend, the Fort Worth Fly Fishers and Dallas Fly Fishers joined together and certified 21 new leaders, who will now be out in the field teaching our youth about fly fishing. very exciting for us, as we get the youth more involved. Check out what our state is providing for educating fishing to the public.

The new council is also taking advantage of any public opportunity we can showcase at. This past weekend, acting Vise President Jerry Hamon led a group that promoted fly tying, casting, and the Federation of Fly Fishers at a Kayak demo at Mariner Boats. This was Mariners Sales annual Sailing and Paddle Sports Show, that drew in hundreds of visitors. Kayaking and fly fishing have become ever so popular in our state, and the new council will use this excitement to promote fly fishing, tying, and casting. Great job Jerry volunteering at this event. This weekend. Bob Shirkey and another group of volunteers will be showing off the new council at Troutfest. An annual event held each year on the banks of the Guadalupe River. The Guadalupe chapter is the largest chapter in trout Unlimited, and the new council will be represented well here at this event, being headlined by Lefty Kreh. We will be showing off our new banner, handing out Federation flyers, and recruiting new members at a huge fly fishing event. Thank you Bob for your role as temporary Memberships Director. Your passion about the Federation and the new council will grow memberships throughout the state.

            A new website is being formed, so communication will be available for all to see what the new council will be doing. For now, you can see what we are doing on the National IFFF site and on Facebook. Social media will be targeted as part of our communication strategy. Special thanks go out to ALL who helped us get our new council. Phli Greenlee, Rhonda Sellers, Jim Schramm, Kyle Moppert, and the many, many others who volunteered and have supported us in the formation of the new Texas Council. Appreciate you all.

Council VP Jerry Hamon 


Russell Husted

President of the Texas Council IFFF
Vice-President of the Fort Worth Fly Fishers

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