Wednesday, September 2, 2015
IFFF - Florida Council- Expo 2015 Speakers and Presenters


IFFF Florida Council Expo 6 - Will be at the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) museum
in Dania Beach (Fort Lauderdale), Florida October 23-24, 2015.

Online registration will open
August 24 to October 18.

To attend the banquet you must register online.

(updated 8/14/2015 subject to change)

Presenting our special guests

The Stars are coming out on October 23 & 24, 2015 


Florida Fly Fishing Expo 6

Chico Fernandez
Jon Cave
Andy Mill
David Lambroughton
Capt. Rob Fordyce
Capt. Rich Keating
Capt. Joe Gonzalez
Pat Ford
Capt. Honson Lau
Cordell Baum - "The Bonefish Wisperer "
Capt. Bou Bosso
Capt. Pete Greenan
Capt. Jamie Allen
Capt. Mark Benson
Mark lives in central Florida fishing for anything that swims and hunting anything that gobbles. His love of fishing and adventure has taken him from the Bahamas for bones to New Zealand for brown trout. But catching American shad combines the best of moving waters, hard fighting fish and the spectacular scenery of the upper St. Johns River floodplain into a rewarding local adventure.

His background as a biologist and a U of F certified Master Naturalist gives a unique perspective on a seasonal visitor to our state, the American Shad.

A full time guide and an IFFF Certified Casting Instructor his website is






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