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Monofilament Recycling Project

 Waste Monofilament Line Kills Fish

Waste Monofilament Kills Fish

Project Overview

Recycling monofilament is an easy activity that any club or council can participate in. The damage that waste monofilament can cause to fish and wildlife can be prevented with a few simple steps.

It is easy to get started. Here is a plan to help get the project kick started in your area. 

  • Materials list for constructing collection bins is found in the next pages
  • Images of completed bin and decal for download can been accessed on our website
  • Plan a work day to make and mount the bins with your club
  • Create a plan for removing and recycling the collected monofilament
  • Map out locations that would be most appropriate for the collection bins (marinas, boat launches, and fishing access points)
  • Get permission to mount collection bins at appropriate locations


 Other helpful tips:

  • Information on recycling collection: Pure Fishing America (Berkley) accepts monofilament for recycling. Contact Berkley at 1800-BERKLEY or 1900 18th Street, Spirit Lake, IA 51360-1041. Pure Fishing melts the line down into raw plastic pellets that can be made into other plastic products including tackle boxes, spools for line, fish habitats, and toys. It is not made into more monofilament line.
  • Contact your state game and fish department. Often they are an important partner and also can help you gain approval for mounting collection bins at fishing access sites.
  • This program is a great way to partner with different groups, such as fish and game agencies, fly shops, marinas, other conservation groups. Often your local hardware store will be willing to donate construction materials to your project. It never hurts to ask!
  • Take photos of your efforts and submit a press release to your local paper.

Pure Fishing - Berkley


Monofilament Recycling Tube Construction

Assembly Instructions

Materials list

  • 4”x30” abs pipe
  • 4” abs 90 degree elbow
  • 4”abs cleanout
  • 4”abs plug(with ½” hole drilled in bottom)
  • 2- Sammy screws 3/8” bolt size for wood or steel
  • 2- 3/8”x 1” hex head bolts
  • 2- 3/8” flat washers
  • abs glue
  • recycling decal, FFF logo decal, club or sponsor decal

Tool list         
  • Hacksaw to cut abs pipe
  • Drill motor with ½ inch drill bit

How to Assemble           

  • Cut abs pipe into 30 inch or 24 inch sections from 10 foot piece.
  • Glue 90 elbow to one end of pipe, this becomes the top.
  • Glue cleanout to opposite end, this becomes the bottom
  • Drill ½ inch hole in center of plug; this is to let water out (use ½ inch twist or spade drill).
  • Accurately drill a ½ inch hole through the back side of the 90 elbow and ½” hole through the smooth section off the cleanout and the pipe. Be careful to keep the holes in line with the centerline of the pipe.


In the Field

Tools List

  • Cordless drill motor with Sammy installation tool
  • 24 inch level
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil or marker
  • 9/16 inch wrench short in length

Waste Monofilament Line Recyling Tube
 How to install
  • Measure the distance of holes drilled in back of tube and carefully transfer to existing post, making sure marks are in line and plumb.
  • Install Sammy’s with cordless drill and Sammy tool or socket wrench.
  • Screw 3/8 inch bolt into Sammy through bottom hole first. This helps to support the tube before installing the top screw
  • SCrew the top bolt into the top Sammy through the inside of the tube. This can be a little difficult.
  • Apply the decals; take a photo and move on to the next tube!






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