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Casting Committees, Chairs and Members

Board of Governors Executive Committee

Rick Williams - Chair
Bruce Williams - Secretary
Eric Cook
Molly Semenik
Don Simonson
Jim Valle
Carl Zarelli



For further information and a description of our committees please click here.


Don Simonson, Chair
James Penrod
Willy George

Casting Instructor (CI) Test

Todd Somsel, Co-Chair
Willy George, Co-Chair
John Van Dalen
Carl McNeil
Mark Milkovich
Brian McGlashan

Examiner Development Program (EDP) Committee

Mark Huber, Chair
Chuck Easterling (Chair, Examiner Review Comm.)
Leslie Holmes (Co-Chair, THCI Comm.)
Rick Williams (Chair, CBOG)
Carl Zarelli (Chair, International Comm.)

Ethics Committee
Bruce Williams, Chair
Pete Greenan
Mark Huber
Todd Somsel
Simon Zarifeh
Carl Zarelli, advisor

Fair Casting Committee

Tim Lawson - Chair
Dave Barron, Co-Chair
Steve Hollensed, Co-Chair

The Loop
Eric Cook, Editorial Director
David Lambert, Managing Editor
John Bilotta, Associate Editor
Paul Brown, Associate Editor, UK
Carl McNeil, Associate Editor
Bruce Morrison, Associate Editor
Bruce Richards, Associate Editor
Bintoro Tedjosiswoyo, Graphic Design

MCI Test Committee

Steve Hollensed, Co-Chair
Carl Zarelli, Co-Chair
John Bilotta
Leslie Holmes
Chase Jabolnski
Bryan Martin


Professional Development

Molly Semenik, Chair
Carl Zarelli
Dave Barron
Tim Lawson
David Leger
Steve Hollensed
Dayle Marzzarella
Mark Milkovich
Dok Arvanites
Dino Frangos

Steve Rajeff
Jeff Wagner
Rick Williams


Budget & Finance

Pete Greenan, Chair
Carl Zarelli
Jim Valle

Continuing Education

Tim Lawson, Chair
Jim Valle
David Diaz
Tom Harper
Gordy Hill
Mark Huber
Dayle Mazzarella
Keith Richard
Bruce Richards
Don Simonson
Dusty Sprague
Bruce Williams


Examiner Review Committee

Chuck Easterling, Chair
Steve Hollensed
Joe Libue
Todd Somsel
Bruce Williams



Carl Zarelli, Chair

Lars Bentsen (Denmark)
Lasse Karlsson (Denmark)
William van der Vorst (Netherlands)
Philip Maher (BC, Canada)
Raffaele Mascaro (Italy)
Brian McGlashan (UK)
Bern Wiesbauer (Austria)

Eastern Europe/Russia
Oleg Zheltovskiy (Ole Nord)
Piotr Talma (Poland)

Peter Hayes (AUS)
Bill Higashi (JPN)
Chie Kai Ling (KOR)
Carl McNeil (NZ)
Simon Zarifeh (AUS)

South America
Martin Aylwin

Rick Williams
Chuck Easterling

Strategic Planning

Pat Peterman, Chair
Jeff Wagner

Two-Handed Casting Instructor

Leslie Holmes, Co-Chair
Mark Huber, Co-Chair
Thomas Berggren 
Raffaele Mascaro
Todd Somsel        
Andrew Toft                 
John Van Derhoof
Rick Williams
Bob Middo - Senior Advisor



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