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Casting Board of Governors Awards

Are you aware that the Casting Board of Governors has six different awards to present to individuals each year? It wasn’t until recently that we had the opportunity to recognize individuals who have contributed to the success of our Certified Casting Instructors Program. That’s not to say that our members haven’t been recognized with other awards, but now we have some specific awards to be presented by the CBOG.

Nominations do not have to come from the CBOG. Although our Board is very diverse and come from all parts of the US and Canada (and now the world), we don’t know everybody, so if you think someone should be recognized, the criteria are outlined below for nomination and eligibility for these awards.

Our organization is on a volunteer basis and the success of the Casting Program is mainly due to the support and dedication of our members who believe in what we do. Sometimes all we can do is thank them for a job well done. Now we can give them an award in appreciation for outstanding service.

CICP Award Nominations due on March 19, 2016

  (see award listings, procedures, nomination form, and other deadlines below)  

Below is a brief description of the six awards and the past recipients.

1.  Lifetime Achievement in Fly Casting Instruction Award

The Lifetime Achievement in Fly Casting Instruction Award is given by the IFFF Casting Board of Governors in recognition of those who have made significant long term contributions to the art of fly casting instruction.

2015 - Steve Rajeff
          Tim Rajeff

2014 - Bob Jacklin

2013 - Dennis Grant

2012 - Floyd Franke
          Gordy Hill

2011 - Gary Borger
           Macauley Lord

2010 - Al Buhr
2009 - Al Kyte
2008 - Bruce Richards
2007 - Al & Barbara Rohrer
2006 - Leon Chandle
2005 - Jim Green
          Lefty Kreh
          Mel Krieger
          Joan Wulff

Recipients will be chosen based on their sustained contributions to fly casting instruction in many areas such as teaching, innovation in fly casting techniques, writing, motivation, sharing their knowledge of teaching, and development of the Casting Instructor Certification Program.

Additional Information:

  • Need not be given annually
  • Nominator does not need to be an IFFF member
  • Nominee must be a member of the IFFF

2.  Mel Krieger Fly Casting Instruction Award

An award given by the Board of Governors (BOG) of the IFFF Casting Instructor Program in recognition of those who have made significant contributions to the IFFF Casting Instructor Certification Program, have dedicated themselves to flycasting instruction and have shared their knowledge with others.

2015 - Steve Hollensed & Leslie Holmes
2014 - Chuck Easterling
2014 - Jim Valle
2013 - Don Simonson
2012 - Denise Maxwell
2011 - not awarded
2010 - Gordy Hill
2009 - Floyd Franke
2008 - Tom White
2007 - Joe Libeu

  1. The award will be given annually, if warranted, to a person, a couple or club who have dedicated their lives to flycasting instruction. 
  2. The nomination must be made by an IFFF member.
  3. The recipient must be a member of the IFFF.
  4. The recipient must be an IFFF Certified Instructor.

     Additional Criteria - that may be considered in selecting recipients of this award:

  1. The candidate should be known as a motivator of students.
  2. The candidate is known for sharing their knowledge of teaching with others.
  3. The candidate has made a significant, long term contribution to the art of flycasting

3. Floyd Franke Award For Contributions to the CICP

Floyd Franke advanced the mission of the Casting Instructors Certification Program (CICP) on several levels through his contributions as a Governor and later as the Chairperson of the Casting Board of Governors (CBOG).  Floyd had a vision of what the CICP should mean and encompass and brought it to fruition.  He proposed practical solutions to real problems and implemented those solutions.  He foresaw that high standards must be maintained and laid the foundation for the Code of Conduct to ensure this was the case.  He also established the Ethics Committee, the Two-Hand Casting Instructor program, Governor Membership terms, and opened Casting Board of Governor’s (CBOG) Committees and CICP activities to participation by MCIs.  Floyd looked to people who got things done.  Neither name recognition nor celebrity status played a role.  He had a major part in making the CICP a respected and valued section of the International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) worldwide reflecting on those individuals whose certifications it sanctioned.

This award is to be given by the CBOG of the IFFF CICP to honor an individual(s) who demonstrates these same traits and qualities while making significant contributions to advance the CICP.

2015 - Al Buhr


In order to be considered for this award a candidate(s) must have met at least one of the following criteria:

  1. The candidate(s) made a significant, long term contribution to the CICP
  2. The candidates(s) has given significant personal time and effort to advance the CICP
  3. The candidates(s) has been instrumental in the development or extensive revitalization of a program that advances the CICP mission
  4. The candidate(s) has developed or led significant changes in the CICP that enhanced the advancement, quality, or mission of the CICP

Additional information:

  • Need not be given annually
  • Nomination must be made by an IFFF member
  • Nominee must be a member of the IFFF

4. Jay Gammel Award for Fly Casting Instruction

The Essentials of Fly Casting was the first published work that treated fly casting from the instructor’s perspective. When the IFFF published Jay and Bill Gammel’s Essentials in 1993, the 24-page pamphlet changed the teaching of fly casting forever.                           

2015 - not awarded
2014 - Soon Lee

  1. To be awarded to a person, persons, or group, for material presented in the form of written publications (books, magazine(s) articles, Loop articles, web sites, etc.), instructional material (course materials, lesson plans or material of that nature) or electronic media (hosted web sites, DVD’s, CD’s, videos) which have made a lasting contribution to fly casting instruction.
  2. Contributions recognized will be exclusively for teaching how to instruct, not for examining, administrating tests, coaching or mentoring candidates. 

 Additional information:

  • Need not be given annually
  • Given for contribution to either single handed or two handed casting instruction
  • Nominee need not be a member of IFFF

5.  Governor's Mentoring Award

Awarded to an IFFF member or members for long and continued support of the Certified Casting Instructor Program through mentoring.  Mentoring involves sharing casting knowledge voluntarily with individuals groups, or clubs to perfect member’s casting skills. Mentoring also includes assisting and preparing members toward IFFF instructor certifications (CI, MCI, THCI) through casting sessions (individual or group) to further improve the candidate’s casting knowledge and skills.  Mentoring helps advance the CICP by educating and recruiting members into the instructor ranks, as well as advancing CIs into the MCI and THCI instructor corps.

2015 - not awarded
2014 - Dwight Klemin
2013 - Philip Maher
2011 - Aaron Reimer
2010 - Kirk Eberhard

  1. Does not have to be awarded every year.
  2. Can be awarded to more than one person.
  3. Individual must be nominated, in writing, by a CBOG or MCI.  Written nomination should include nominee's credentials, background and mentoring contributions.

6.  Governor's Pin

Awarded in recognition of continued support for the casting certification program in areas of administration, committee, involvement or program implementation.

The CBOG Chair will determine who will receive this award.  Nominations will be submitted to the awards committee.  The awards committee will forward nominations to the CBOG Chair for approval.  The award will not be a ballot item.

2015 - Chuck Easterling
           William Holmes
           Carl Zarelli

2014 - Rick Williams

2013 - Dave Barron

2012 - Hutch Hutchinson
          Carl McNeil
          Jeff Wagner

2011 - Jerk Sonnichsen
          Lars Christian Bentsen
          Denise Maxwell
          Macauley Lord 

2010 - Barbara Wuebber
           Dan McCrimmon
           Raffaele Mascaro
  1. Does not have to be awarded every year.
  2. Can be awarded to more than one person.
  3. Individual must be nominated, in writing by a CBOG or MCI.



The Process

1. The BOG Awards Committee will be appointed by the BOG chair.  

2. Nominations for the award must be received by the BOG Program Coordinator at the IFFF Headquarters by mail or e-mail no later than 135 days prior to the annual meeting. Nominations should include the full name of the person being nominated, their current address and phone number if available, and a short description of the reasons why the person they are nominating should be considered for the award.

3.  A person need not be a member of the IFFF in order submit a nomination.

4.  Nomination documents sent to the CBOG Chair and the Excom for review to insure candidates meet award criteria.  

5.  The BOG Awards Committee will recommend a ballot to the BOG Chair no later than 120 days prior to the annual meeting.  

6.  The BOG Awards Committee may recommend presentation of the award to more than one recipient.  

7.  Ballots will be distributed to the BOG no later than 90 days prior to the annual meeting.  

8.  Ballots will be returned to the Program Coordinator no later than 59 days prior to the annual meeting.  

9.  The returned ballots will be tallied by the Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator will report the results to the BOG Chair.  

10. Presentation of the award will be authorized by a majority vote of the BOG.  

11. The BOG Chair will report the results to the BOG Executive Committee, the BOG and the recipient(s) no later than 44 days prior to the annual meeting.  

12. The recipient(s) will receive a plaque, with a plaque awarded to each person or couple. A permanent plaque will be displayed at the IFFF Headquarters.  Governor's Pin recipients will only receive a pin.

    Please use the new online submission form by clicking here.

 2016 CICP Award Deadlines

   1. Nominations end March 19, 2016
   2. Nominations reviewed by Excom by April 3, 2016
   3. Ballots sent by May 3, 2016
   4. Ballots returned by June 4, 2016
   5. Award recipients notified by June 19, 2016



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