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IFFF Annual Awards Criteria


An award, given annually to that FFF Club which has made the most outstanding contribution on behalf of the IFFF.  

  • Must be an IFFF member Club with a minimum of three years of continuous affiliation.
  • Awards should be based on cumulative service, but significant activity in the past year is important. A ratio of 70% (past years) to 30% (present year) would serve as a guideline but not be restrictive.
  • Activities and services performed should be primarily on behalf of the IFFF. Those functions may have as their primary outlet another organization but ultimately benefiting the IFFF should be of secondary consideration.
  • Outstanding contributions are those that are conspicuous in relation to others - consistent contributions over a period of time. Contributions should be defined as those acts that fall within the scope of Article II, Section I of the Constitution (objectives of the Federation).

An award presented annually to that individual or director who has demonstrated unusual devotion to the FFF and through outstanding contributions has benefited the Federation as a National organization or international organization.  

  • A minimum of five years membership and service to the Federation is required.
  • Service should be voluntary. Time as a paid employee of the FFF should be given little consideration.
  • The individual should not have previously won this award.
  • This award should be for achievements that are Federation - wide in scope - as opposed to regional or local.
  • Continuing service is of prime importance. Therefore, considerations generally should be weighed 70% for cumulative service and 30% for achievements in the past year.
  • Devotion and contributions to the Federation should be consistent with FFF objectives, and be superior to those of other candidates.

An award plaque presented annually to that person who has made significant contributions to the arts of fly tying.  

  • Must be an FFF member.
  • Can be an amateur or professional. (This is a difficult area. What an amateur does out of sheer love and enjoyment, a professional must do to make a living. Nevertheless, it is often the professional who, through their skills, offers more to the advancement of the art. Therefore, it will be necessary to make some judgment on intent. Obviously, if the primary intent is to teach and share knowledge, it should merit serious consideration.)
  • Areas for judgment are: tying skill, creativity or innovation, and sharing knowledge by teaching or publication.
  • Advancement of the arts need not be on a national scale, it can be at local or regional levels.
  • Participation in the FFF is not a prerequisite, but any such activity as benefits the Federation should be highly regarded.
  • Achievements and contributions should promote the advancement of the arts and qualification should be superior to other candidates.



This award is a cash grant of $250 to pay the expense of a fly tier to attend the Show that would otherwise not be able to attend. The Fly Tying Chair of the Show Committee administers this award


This award is to be presented to an individual who excels in teaching the art of fly tying to all skill levels. The criteria are as follows:  

  • Must is a member of the IFFF in good standing for a minimum of five years.
  • Must be able to demonstrate and teach the varied skills of fly tying not necessarily an innovator. But able to teach techniques developed by others or themselves to tiers of all skill levels.
  • Must have experience teaching both in group and individual environments.
  • Service to the Federation may either be at the national, council or club level.
  • The person should embody the spirit of the Federation, imparting both only a love of fly tying, but also of fly-fishing and the conservation of the resource.
  • The person should have not previously won this award.


This award was established by the Fly Tying Group in 2014.  The award nomination must be submitted to the Chairman of the Fly Tying Group.  For all details regarding the award criteria and submission instructions please click here.


The criteria for the Order of the Lapis Lazuli Award is as follows:  

  • Eight years of service to the Federation is required.
  • Service should be voluntary. Time as a paid employee of the Federation, although not totally discounted, would merit minor consideration.
  • Individual should not have previously won the award.
  • To preserve the integrity of this award, it is recommended that it be awarded judiciously and infrequently, but it is not intended that the frequency stipulation deprive a truly deserving individual.
  • This award is the ultimate award of the Federation. Thus, the consideration for individual achievement must be extremely strict. Services and contributions to the Federation must be prominent and extraordinary, and, above all, they must be long term. They must be significantly above the criteria that would merit consideration for any other award.
  • Election shall be by the Executive Committee. The vote shall require a 2/3 majority.
  • The Chair of the Awards Committee shall be notified prior to the meeting of the Committee to avoid conflict or duplication. Nominations for this award should be made directly to any member of the executive Board.

An award presented to recognize the business side of fly-fishing. The criteria are as follows:  

  • A business that has shown outstanding innovation in the fly-fishing industry through their products.
  • A business that has shown outstanding stewardship for water and fisheries resources.
  • Or a combination of both of the above criteria.

The criteria are as follows:  

  • The award is presented to an author of a book, books or a combination of articles and books that embody the philosophy and spirit of Roderick Haig-Brown including:             

  • A respect for the ethics and traditions of fly-fishing.
  • An understanding of rivers, the inhabitants and their environments with an emphasis on things natural, concern for the whole, the philosophical side as opposed to just plain fishing.


  • The literary quality of the work must be high.
  • A review committee of three people with backgrounds in publishing, writing and literary criticism
  • shall review nominees and make a recommendation to the Awards Committee.
  • The award need not be given every year, but only when a truly fitting nominee comes forward.
  • Candidates must be living.

Presented annually to that flyfisher, who meets certain high standards of sportsmanship, fishing skill and streamside etiquette in taking and conserving game fish internationally.


The IFFF saltwater award is named after the highly prized saltwater trophy, the Tarpon. The "Silver King Award" shall be presented to an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to the sport of saltwater angling over an extended period of time. The criteria are as follows:  

  • A nominee may or may not be a professional in the sport of saltwater fly-fishing.
  • A nominee must fulfill the following qualifications:              

  • Must be a member in good standing of the Federation of Fly Fishers.
  • Must have a history of unselfish promotion of saltwater fly-fishing.
  • Must have practiced the sport of saltwater fly-fishing for many years.


  • The nominee must also meet one or preferably more of the following requirements as applied to the sport of saltwater fly fishing: Be an educator, conservationist, innovator, writer, speaker or expert in the sport.

The award need not be presented annually, but should only be presented when a truly deserving individual is nominated.  Nominations for the Silver King award shall be directed to the Awards Committee Chair. Nominations received by the deadline will be forwarded to the Chair of the Saltwater Committee for that Committee's recommendation of the most qualified nominee.

An award or awards, to an individual, group or organization that has made extraordinary contributions to the conservation of our fisheries resources. The criteria are as follows: 
  • The individual, group or organization need not be affiliated with the Federation.
  • Eligible for this award would be individuals, national or local Clubs, groups or organizations and national or state departments or agencies.
  • This award should be based upon a single outstanding contribution or on a continuous prominent effort promoting conservation.
  • The individual, group or organization should not have previously won the award.
  • This award need not be an annual award, but would be given on an "as merited" basis.
  • Extraordinary contributions are those that are superior and conspicuous in relation to others and consistent with the philosophies of the Federation.

All nominations will be routed by the Awards Chair to the VP Conservation for evaluation of each nominee and the VP Conservation will make recommendations to the Awards Committee.


An award presented to an individual for outstanding contributions to fisheries and land ecology. The criteria is as follows:  

  • The person should have followed in his/her career work an adherence to the land ethic espoused by Aldo Leopold, and demonstrated by Aldo Leopold, Luna Leopold and A. Starker Leopold and the other Leopold family members: a recognition of the value of all ecosystem parts, not only fish and wildlife but all biotic and abiotic components that are an integral part of it.
  • Membership in the Federation of Fly Fishers is not a requirement for this award.

All nominations will be routed by the Awards Chair to the VP Conservation for evaluation of each nominee and the VP Conservation will make recommendations to the Awards Committee.


A cash grant in the amount of $500.00 given annually to a deserving student in undergraduate or graduate biology or similar field who is specializing in fishery management, cold or warm waters, fresh water or salt. Application is to be made to the Awards Chair detailing academic background and overview of postgraduate work. Applications will be forwarded to VP Conservation for review and recommendations to the Awards Committee for final decision.


A club award for FFF clubs working on projects. Can be a current or future project as long as it is "fishery related conservation enhancement and preservation". The criteria are as follows:  

  • Applicants/nominees must be active FFF affiliated Clubs.
  • Award is for a completed or planned project which is fishery related conservation, enhancement and preservation.
  • The Club is to provide "matching funds" for the project of at least 50% of the total value of the project; matching funds may be on an in kind basis (i.e.: donated time)
  • More than one award is limited annually to the amount of interest earned on the fund - the principal is restricted.

The award is to be made based upon the recommendations of the VP Conservation provided to the Awards Committee who will make the final decision.


This award is made in memory of Dr. James A. Henshall for his many contributions to warm water fisheries. This award may be made to an individual, a club, a group or other organization for extraordinary achievements in conservation of warm water fisheries. This annual award is made to an individual or organization for an outstanding fishery management plan for a pond, stream, lake or reservoir that makes a significant contribution to the protection, restoration or enhancement of a warm water fishery.

Application should be made to the Awards Chair who will forward them to the Warm Water Committee for their recommendation for an individual or a club to be nominated for the award, each must be a member of the Federation in good standing, a group or organization, such as the Smallmouth Bass Alliance which covers several states, need not be a Federation affiliate.

Criteria for the individual nominee will include published articles and books related to the warm water fisheries. Such should include fish habitat, developed fishing techniques for various species, promotion and practice of fishing ethics to include "Catch and Release". Additionally, the individual nominee should have initiated and directed a warm water fisheries conservation project.

An affiliated club must initiate and participate in a warm water fisheries conservation project to be considered for this award. Application should be made to the Awards Chair who will forward them to the Warm Water Committee for their recommendation.


An award given to those individuals who have assisted the President during his term of office. Appreciation and recognition for service is made by the President. The pins are presented at the President/Awards Banquet.


The Memorial Life Membership Award is a program whereby a fund can be established to remember and recognize an individual, whether or not a member of the IFFF, by granting an annual Life Membership in the individuals name. Funds established to date:

  • Don Harger Memorial Award
  • Arnold Gingrich Memorial Award
  • Lew Jewett Memorial Award
  • Charles E. Brooks Memorial Award

The Awards committee will grant one or more Life Memberships in remembrance of each individual. The criteria for each award follow:

Don Harger Memorial Life Award - This award is to be given each year to an individual (or in his memory to a family member) who is actively engaged in, or has been actively engaged in, or is closely related to, some aspect or area of fly fishing, either as a vocation or avocation,


  • Has made some noteworthy contribution either as:
    • An educator (including and especially children);
    • A writer (especially those who are incisive and very honest);
    • An environmental conservationist;
    • A photographer (with special emphasis on artistic quality and authenticity);
    • A fly tier;
    • A proponent of fly fishing rights; and
  • Is recognized by the FFF as being a worthy representative and deserving, because of his or her contributions, of a life membership in the FFF, and
  • The award may be made to honor a deceased person and given in his or her behalf to a family member in recognition of deceased person's contribution.

Arnold Gingrich Memorial Life Award - The award is to be given to the persons of outstanding achievement in any of the several areas that are part of or related to the sport and science of fly-fishing:

  • Angling writing - books, articles, monographs
  • Original fly fishing theory
  • Conservation and environmental protection
  • Entomology
  • Education in the sport of fly fishing
  • Innovation in fly fishing techniques

Lew Jewett Memorial Life Award - Nominees for this annual award should meet one or preferably more than one of the following criteria:
The individual, preferably, but not necessarily, a non-professional who:


  • Has promoted the sport through distinguishable effort to draw more people into fly-fishing and/or enhance the knowledge and ability of the fly fisher.
  • Has devoted his energy to youth education activities to help the next generation get started in fly- fishing endeavors
  • Is a proven fly-fishing innovator in the equipment used or techniques developed. "Equipment may include rods, reels, lines, leaders, clothing, wading gear, fly patterns, fly tying equipment, etc. etc. "Techniques" may include new methods of using the equipment such as new methods of fly presentation etc. etc.
  • Is a proven teacher or instructor in the art and sport of fly-fishing and/or fly tying and/or rod building.
  • Has made a significant contribution to the preservation and enhancement of those fisheries resources utilized in fly-fishing.
  • Has made a significant contribution to those organizations which represent fly-fishing and/or fisheries resources on which it depends - such as FFF, TU, ALA, etc.
  • Has made a substantial contribution to our biological knowledge of the quarry and the habitat and/or food chain on which it depends.

Charles E. Brooks Memorial Life Award - Charles E. Brooks was a unique individual. He wrote books, invented new fly patterns, spoke at banquets and seminars and was a true student of nature. He loved the Madison River and what is sometimes referred to as "Yellowstone Country". Accordingly, the individual who receives the Charles E. Brooks memorial award each year should have a history of being similar to Charlie in two or more of the following areas:

  • Demonstrate a deep affection for the out of doors, fly fishing and perhaps one particular area that received the individual's special attention over a period of time.
  • Be an innovative fly tier. This doesn't necessarily mean that the individual be well known for inventing new patterns, although that would apply. Rather, the winner should have a history of being non- conventional in his approach in fly tying.
  • Have some background in writing, books, magazines articles or pamphlets. Like the other criteria, this is not mandatory, merely something Charlie did. Hopefully, some of the winners will too.
  • Be a member of the FFF and have some history of serving at banquets, seminars, regional conclaves, etc. Winners need not demonstrate the speaking skills of Charlie, just his enthusiasm to help the cause of fly-fishing.
  • Be a character. This is strictly a bonus. It would be nice if each year's winner had a unique, spicy personality. That would be in keeping with the man being memorialized. Again, this is not mandatory, simply something extra if it's available in the list of yearly nominees.

An annual award presented to those individuals in each Council who have made outstanding contributions to the Federation at the local or regional level. Criteria are determined by each Council President and the award is given in the name of the Federation by each Council President.


This grant has been established with the FFF Foundation. The interest funds generated will be used to support youth oriented education projects sponsored by Federation of Fly Fishers clubs. Applications for money from the Sanditen Fund for club sponsored youth education projects are available from the FFF VP of Education. Nominations will be forwarded to the VP of Education and the Education Committee for recommendations to the FFF Foundation.


This grant was created to honor Gary LaFontaine and the aquatic entomology he loved and spent his life studying. A Fund has been established in the FFF Foundation, to support graduate students (MS or PhD) doing a research project in aquatic entomology. A resume, a short synopsis of the project, and letter of recommendation from his or her faculty advisor are requested for each candidate. Nominations will be forwarded to the VP of Education and the Education Committee for recommendations to the FFF Foundation.


May be established by the Awards Committee with the approval of the Executive Committee. A memorial life membership requires a five thousand dollar endowment fund. The Committee may present other special awards. Your suggestions or recommendations should be presented to the Awards Committee in writing as soon as possible. Be mindful that the awards are only as meaningful as the degree of participation in the nominating process. To achieve a meaningful course in selecting deserving individuals, every club should seriously consider submitting nominations. Any nomination should be accompanied by supportive statements and data and sent to the Awards Chair.


The Casting Board of Governors bestows four awards each year. They are as follows:

  • Lifetime Achievement in Fly Casting Instruction Award
  • Mel Krieger Fly Casting Instructor Award
  • Governor's Pins
  • Governor's Mentoring Award

Any nominations for these awards will be forwarded to the Chair of the Casting Board of Governors for consideration. To find more information about the casting awards please visit the Casting Awards page of our website.


Herbert W. Kettler
Awards Committee Chair
809 Winston Terrace
Charlottesville, VA 22903


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